Friday, November 07, 2014

the last scene

There is not enough magic in the universe to form bonds that cannot break. But there might be enough, in what we are to each other, in friendship and in love, to fix this. I don’t know. I wish I did.

I wish a lot of things.

I am crying as I drive, and I wait for Jay to make some comment about thinking girls can’t cry, to make fun of me for tricking him, but all he is doing is sleeping and making sounds of pain as we move away from the magician.

Some things even a magician cannot forgive themselves for doing.


  1. That breaks my heart a little... in a good way ;)

    1. yeah; for the next while it's just Charlie and Jay together, while the magician is off with a fae named Dana (that Charlie asked to keep an eye on him). I had planned on Charlie/Magician being together, but this happened instead and fit better.

      Charlie has a much bigger idea of what being a god-eater can and does (and what the god inside her wants...), while Jay had to stare into the essence of an Emissary from the Far Reaches [something far, far bigger than a universe] for the magician to unmake the anti-magic that summoned it into the world. Jay survived, but the thumb-sucking habit the magician had caused is gone, his lisp is going away/almost gone and he can barely see. He can see bindings just fine, but his real vision is blurred and damaged badly so he can has to learn to see bindings less deeply and basically watch things around him like that.

      And try and figure out if he still IS Jay without the lisp :) And play lots of games on his phone using sound-alone for a while, which he is going to gripe about a lot.

      The magician, otoh, is now travelling with a fae [Dana] that lost most of its power in helping them so he is helping the fae with its duties and is, for delicious irony, the only one to emerge mostly the same out of the entire ordeal they went through. If anything, he's probably gained a few tricks. In essence, he almost blinded Jay entirely, and is very aware to how close jay came to being unmade entirely, that Jay forgave him -- being Jay -- and he couldn't deal at all and left them for a bit.