Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Learning Secrets...

Via some of the many, many stories I've done in the series, I knew the magician had been involved in some event in his last (~8 years ago) involving the Grand Canyon and his refusal to talk about that to other magicians -- or even mention it to Charlie and Jay at all. During last night's writing I discovered he had actually managed to lose the Grand Canyon. Exactly how, and why, and for how long, I've no idea, but that is a pretty impressive thing to lose.

Working on why Charlie gets so crazy uptight over Jay sucking on his thumb right now; I know some of the reason (involving her mother and her sucking her own thumb into she was four) but I figure there is more to it than that, so trying to tease it out of the story as best I can.


Also, Charlie got to troll Jay, which is always all kinds of fun.

 “There’s nothing wrong with crying.”
“You don’t cry.”
“That’s because I’m a girl. You’re a boy: boys are allowed to cry.”


  1. Haha! I LOVE it!

    ...so, do you cry, Alcar? Apparently I'm not allowed ;)

    1. Seldom :) It's going to be great for when, later on in the story, Jay informs someone of that Fact and they just stare at the poor kid.

    2. Poor Jay... but I can totally understand Charlie's impulse to lie to the little guy... like when I convinced my sister that people with blue eyes are that way because the veins are closer to the surface :p