Saturday, January 03, 2015

In which Jay does new year resolutions...

Jan 1st

“Jay.” Charlie doesn’t raise her head from the bed. “Sick. Tired. Remember?”

I don’t bounce on the bed at all, but I do all plop down on it. “I know, but – but – but it is the new year and we need resolutions, right?!”

“I resolve not to kill you,” she mutters.

“Okay! I resolve to do lots more hugs and make even more friends,” I say, because that is all Important.

She shifts a little on the bed. “How’s that different?”

“Because it was something I am, and now it’s going to be something I do.” And I all hug Charlie and that and unbind the sickness right from her.

“Jay?” Charlie returns the hug as she sits up and that’s all kinds of nice. “What did you do?”

“I thought you were all hungover-sick, but you’re not so I all fixed it,” I say proudly. “Honcho thaid I’m not to unbind hangovers since that’s sick people do to themselves.”

“Uh huh.” Charlie lets go of the hug and pushes me gently off the bed. “So. You came in just to ask about resolutions, huh?”

“Maybe,” I say, which is totally not a lie but my stomach all talks on its own after.

“And maybe you’d like food?”

“If that’s okay? You could have some too!” I feel her shake her head through the bindings between us, but in a funny way and not a sad one. “Also, you can do your resolution by making us food.”

“I can what?”

“Not killing me. You said you wouldn’t, so that definitely means we need lunch now.”

Charlie throws one of her shoes at my head, but I duck and get into the main room of the motel suite before she throws other things and everything is okay because she is calling me names but not meaning any of them, so I offer to give her the sickness back so she can stay in bed and she finds other things to throw at me in the living room but I dodge every one because I’m getting really good at that.

She goes and makes lunch really spicy, though. Even for a Jaysaurus!

Jan 2nd

"Jay, no."

"But I'm all doing up resolutions like you said, telling them to my phone and it records the and --."

"Resolutions for the new year don't work like that," Charlie says, and she is trying to sound al patient. "You can't resolve to be featured at least once a month, quoted at least twice a month on tumblr and get more than one gift next Christmas. These aren't things you can do."

"But I could tell some really good stories! Maybe even true ones, and be all a quotemeister of awesome!"

"Uh-huh. And getting more gifts?"

"I can totally blackmail people with hugs!"

"With hugs."

"Really good ones," I say proudly. "Because! I'm going to practise a lot."

"Right. But you can't make people feature you or quote you."

"Oh." I let out a huge sigh and figure I better wait until Charlie goes out before I say the rest of my resolutions then, mostly because the rest are all about her :)

Jan 2nd

Resolutions for Charlie, a Jay-list of awesome!

Because Charlie is out I can all record them on my phone and I’m trying to get all better at doing them and Charlie says they should be about stuff I can do. Uhm!
  • I’m gonna give a lot more hugs without reason.
  • And I’m all sad Honcho isn’t with us but that’s not Charlie’s fault so I’m going to try real hard not to be sad at all :)
  • And make sure I quote Charlie sometimes too. So she can be all Jay-famous too.
  • Charlie needs dates, so I need to get her some. Probably human ones.
  • She is really sad I can’t see anymore, so I need to help her be less sad by helping me tons.
  • I might need to figure out when jokes go bad BEFORE she threatens to kill me [even if she can’t because she made a resolution not to:)].
  • And I need to tell her how scared I am about Stuff without making her scared and that might be a little hard.
  • Because we’re all friends and I don’t want to lose that by stopping being Jay, or at least not the Jay she knows? I think there might be things even hugs and bindings can’t fix up. I don’t want to do those. Or be them. Okay?
  • Okay :)
The last part is also for me!

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