Monday, January 19, 2015

In which Jay fails to make friends

Okay! I bet you know this, but there are no bindings between people and stars. For all sorts of reasons, but mostly because stars are really busy and humans work at different levels of time than they do. Like how bindings connect stuff, but it doesn’t mean everything is bound together because there are layers and warps to everything and not all bindings operate at the same speed or in the same place!

And I got all slapped by an old lady for explaining that to her when she was telling someone else how being a Taurus was all a thing and would Do Stuff. But! but but I was all happy because most humans don’t hit me when they realize I can’t see, even if Charlie says I am being annoying and she did and I was all happy for that but she wasn’t and it got all weird.

Charlie says that sometimes people can’t hear what they need to, or they find comfort in things that aren’t there. Kind of like how I think about Honcho tons even if he’s not around us, I guess, so that’s all okay. And it is kind of funny-sad that the first time a human hit me since I lost my sight is cuz they were mad when I’d rather they hugged me because they were happy :)

But Charlie says I have to work on making people happy, which might mean not being Jay. Only she’s just joking! :D

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