Thursday, March 19, 2015


“We live in a terrible world, a world where the truth has been reduced to a conspiracy.”

“You’ve been holed up in your office for days. We’ve been worried sick –.”

“It’s not an office. It’s a sanctum. I have cracked the code. White. Black. The lines we’ve stolen from the zebra, the theft of nature that governs our world. I know what they mean. That! I know what that means!”

“That’s a UPC code.”

“I have learned the secret language, the tongue that cannot be spoken. I have cracked the code!”

“You were supposed to be doing our taxes!”

“We don’t need those. Get me lotto tickets, and I will know what ones will win. I will be the scanner. I have seen and have known –.”

“Oh, well, that’s entirely different. Why didn’t you say that in the first place? Everyone up, up, up: you’re going to buy lotto tickets while I may sure Maynard here has a proper shower and some food.”

“The fall of water. Each drop, combined with the others, singing songs –.”

“Yes, yes. Lotto tickets. Just don’t forget the lotto tickets.”

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