Sunday, March 08, 2015

This could be considered an essay

There are so many of them, going about the world in a blitheness of ignorance. Sure of their Science, of their crude modern iGods to protect them, secure in their belief that somehow technology will outpace the demons that race along beside it, behind it, within it. That every time we stall, some innovation will vault us into the future. They buy into the conspiracy of progress. They buy into the modern myths like global warming, women’s rights and vaccinations. They forget that eugenics was defended by most scientists in its day, that heroin was considered safe and had no side effects. They don’t understand that the world changes. That sometimes the things everyone believes to be true are the ones that are wrong.

If the lone voices are all silenced, then there will be no new lone voices. If there is no debate – not even a discussion – then terrible things will happen, and terrible things have happened. When everyone agrees on something, then no one is thinking. Consider it. We pretend that Time will bow to the whims of our technologies, of our watches and phones and that we can alter the rhythm of the world because puritans wanted more daylight. And they got it, because puritanism works so very well. Cut away everything that doesn’t matter, and you are left with ... essentials.

We save energy, cry the Scientists and Transport people (all in the pockets of Science, every one, oil and electricity both) that we save energy. People come home earlier, have more daylight at their disposal – as though people were plants – and this somehow prevents theft. And yet, and yet the day of it is nothing like that at all. Mad rushes, accidents that would not have happened otherwise. Deaths that could have been prevented if we had not decided we could meddle with Time as easily as we do with Truth!

Daylight savings time is not a thing. It is not even an invention. It is a track, and we must fight against puritan lies, against their desire to force people to waken before dawn. The conspiracy cannot be allowed to stand. Refuse to change your clocks. This day kills too many, and we cannot defeat Time. Join me, and fight the power!

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