Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This is Jay on tumblr.

(For the curious, I read a story by kittygory and thought of Jay trying to critique sexetry in terms of bindings and his skewed view of humanity … so here are the first few lines, and Jay’s take on ‘em :))
"Quietly spoken words, but she knew this was a test."
Jay: “… but bindings aren’t tests; they just are! You are, a binding is and —.”
Charlie: “What ARE you reading?”
Jay: *turns up volume, so Charlie can hear the story he is listening to*
"He aroused and intrigued her, and they had had many conversations about his need to dominate, and her refusal to submit."
Jay: “See? They want to bind each other but not bind each other at the same time because humans are all confused a lot!”
Charlie: “Oh, dear gods.”
"She was not a slave or a sub, not a whore or a bitch or a slut."
Jay: “This is about how substitute teachers don’t get paid enough, right?! Because teaching is very important!”
Charlie: “….. teaching. Right. And the school?”
Jay: “Dog obedience, because of the ‘bitch’ and — and I don’t see what’s so funny about that, Charlie!”

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