Sunday, March 01, 2015

Facebook status updates part XXXII (Feb 2015)

"Sometimes it feels as though all love is a trick we play on each other."

"The only demons I know are the ones inside me." - not posted yet

I think the trick in succeeding at being a writer is to turn failure into a weapon, insofar as one can.

Once upon a time, there was a story of once upon a time that was terrified to end for it knew that no ending was truly happy and would always leave a sadness in the world after the story was over.

At the self-help group
"I wanted to be a six word story so badly but I had too much to say and hyphens felt like cheating."

Boy walked slowly down the street, feeling as much as seeing cats watching him. Balconies, side streets, eyes glimpsed between fences. That the cats were serving as eyes for the witch went without saying, though Boy was almost sure she was a witch in spite of having many cats rather than because of them.

Everything the gods create they are ashamed of, for we are the tools they use.

“I admit I’m a little confused about why my novel 50 shades became famous. It is about a woman whose DIY quest for a specific kind of blind for the varied windows in an old farmhouse turns into a comedy of errors confusing blinds and shades and she ends up buying differing kinds of sunglasses so guests to her home can wear them rather than her having to get the many different blinds the home would require. That it was compared to certain – other novels – is still very, very baffling.”

"Hate?" He laughed, sharp and bitter. "You’ve never worked in retail, never done customer service: what do you know of hate?"

"You murdered a dozen people."
"Mother, I was shooting them with arrows of love. That’s what I do," the boy-god said crossly.
"They were aromantic, you idiot!"
"Really? I thought tumblr invented that term."
"What were you doing on —. Never mind. Talk to your father and he will see about hiding the bodies. In the meantime, you are grounded."
"You can’t! They need me today!"
"They don’t. Don’t you understand yet that they never did?"
Cupid just glared and marched into his quarters, slamming the door behind him.

"Did you know that roses come in many colours and violet is often mistaken as purple? I guess what I'm saying is that I should have paid the money for a cheap card with a trite saying in it instead of trying to write one for you myself."

If silence were really golden, wouldn't people be taking it to pawn shops to cash in?

What are clouds when not broken dreams?

They said it was six of one, half a dozen of the other. But they forgot what a bakers dozen is — and I had a bankers dozen (which is any number I damn well want) at my beck and call in secret.
The war was already won.

"I barely know him, but I trust him. It’s just — he’s soft inside, and nice." He laughs, a short bark. "It sounds like I’m taking about a dog and not a person, doesn’t it? Nice always seems like a weak word when it isn’t that at all."

The ghost appeared in the press room, and the newspaper reporters pestered it with questions about who the murderer had been but all the spirit wanted to know was why they’d used such an ugly picture of it on the front page of their paper.

The healer nods slowly. “It is …. part of being a healer, that there are some healings we cannot do. A true healing helps someone to heal themselves, but those who know how powerful healers are, how strong some of us can be — sometimes they think the healing is entirely the healer’s power, the healer’s doing, the healer’s will, and never accept it is their own strength that healed them more than anything else.”

“Your problems are not as big as my own, no; that does not mean they are not as important.”

"I think that if hell froze over it might be warmer than this town is right now."

"Seems to me," he said. "Seems to me that the gods are too hungry for flattery. Never met a god that wasn’t hungry, them or their followers."

No one expected the messiah to open up a hot dog stand, but they figured at least this way they could be assured that the hot dogs probably contained real meat.

"I never lied to you."
"You told me you could raise the dead, you —."
"And so I did and so I have."
"I didn’t mean levitate the corpse!"
"Then you should have said what you meant."

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