Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Day iiii

Things I have learned so far today:

  • Apparently, forming a union may create a god, or at least helped make the god of a local chain of coffee shops.
  • That both Charlie and the magician's mothers are interesting pieces of work needs to be balanced out at some point. I shall probably have Charlie's mother get rid of her husband later on and build on that. 
  • Jay helped beat a curse by eating waffles.
  • Charlie could probably list Starbucks as her religion.
  • apparently I ran out of other things to add and never finished this.
On the other hand, pulled off just over 6K yesterday, which tends to result after doing a 15K day the day before (a new record on my part). Weirdly, the 15K stuff 'feels' better than the 6K, but that's probably because this section shifted into Charlie's POV and I'm not sure if the story needs it to shift between the magician and Charlie this often at this point in the story. The fact that many of the questions Charlie had weren't ones any of the other characters could -- or would -- answer didn't help, but it is going to shift back into gear this morning as more fun stuff about her family comes into play and a god of a casino attempts interesting blackmail...


  1. Wow, there's certainly a host of interesting things going on!

    1. That was yesterday. Today I lost over three hours to plot holes and problems I hadn't thought of. My notes had involved 'god of casinos does X and does not know why'. Which was ... not good enough once the characters began to discuss and probe stuff and generally gnaw at the plot. My hope of hitting 50K today is pretty much nil now, but I at least worked it out and am about half-way done the plot now.... and Jay got to have a major, major freakout, which was quite fun :)