Friday, November 22, 2013

Not the Mid-twenties: a nano update

Burning out a bit on the story. Past 127,000 words, which for me isn't a burn-out point at all this month but I have taken no day actually off from writing and this story is turning from a half-joke into wanting to be serious. Which I didn't expect at all. So I am plotting out the current story, the novel in the story that the narrator describes, building his family life and adding other scenes and such, at least some of which I know won't survive the draft.I'm almost at the point of ditching the narrator's family as fleshed out characters, as the point is more his descent into his own story and subsequent madness.

His unrelenting hatred of nanowrimo also does not help the writing. It is a fun story to do, but I think it would probably be better if it wasn't being done this month, or at least not on the tail end of the other two stories.

Best line from Thursday's writing at Chapters....
"Christopher is a first-year student whose nanowrimo novel is going to look like a five year old trying to write Lolita.”


  1. just curious to see what you up to. Yes I think we all burn out on our stories at some point I would like to spend more time than I have on the one I'm doing now. And yeah re: five year old lol . My first drafts are kindergarten drivel

  2. Doing a series of short stories set after the first nano at the moment. (I was editing a chapter of the Road Trip magician series novella and got a niggle of a plot thread, so running with that. I will probably go back to this story after nano; having a protagonist who loathes nanowrimo makes the story a bit hard to write well :)