Thursday, November 14, 2013

Madness, the: Day IIIIX The words are hunting me down. Send help.

The second nanowrimo goes well. Just hit 33K  on it, and approaching a grand total of 95,000 words. My plan, story and plot willing, is to get to a total of 100,000 words by the end of tomorrow. I hit the 50K mark on day six and should hit 100K on day 15, which isn't that bad at all. This week has been marked by work and the effort of doing over a weeks worth of work in a single day on Tuesday led to a dismal 2,500 words last night when my brain gave up and demanded sleep.

On the plus side, the sci-fi story is solid and going well. I know how the story ends, and what some characters end-goals are, but I have no idea how the main plot is going to be achieved. If you create what amounts to God (for all intents and purposes) and then wish to upgrade It, what makes you think the god will allow that? It is pretty much the major plot of the book and attempts by various characters to drag the MCs into their conspiracy. As with all grand dreams and plans, it is not going to end well at all.

Some fragments of recent dialogue:

“I’m trying to access files in me. They altered me a lot you know.”
I pause. “Yes?” I offer up warily.
“What if I am now older than you?”
“It really doesn’t work like that.”

I hold myself together, barely ripple, the tendrils of my body still. He has to know my sib hunted System for any information about what was done to me. And that we failed to find anything at all. He’s giving away what he could have traded to us for no reason at all. “Why are you telling me this?”
“Because Asral asked me to. Insisted that I tell you anything I found to make up for his mistake in assuming you were your sibs pet. His father approved it.” Bren smiles slightly at whatever reaction my body gives away. “People aren’t monsters, even the worst of us.”
“That’s not what the war taught us.”
“The war ended. That should have taught you something as well.”

“You misunderstand: I don’t hate you. I do not even pity you. You are not worth that much notice. I suppose I may mildly regret knowing you exist at all.”

“You would be kind? In this world, knowing the things you now know?”
“I will be kind because it is this world. And maybe because there is nothing left to die after hope.”

“A dream that can come true was never a dream at all.”


  1. I could have sworn I left a comment before

    1. I thought I left a comment ealier than the last one. I wondered why you have a blog since it appears you have only 2 followers. And to write as many words as you do boggles my mind. If I did that it would all be gobbely gook (sp) Will you consider publishing in the near future?

    2. Eh.This blog began purely for poetry back in the day and sort of evolved sluggishly. There's a couple of years when it only existed (for all intents) during nano. There's some friends who watch it more sporadically, relatives the same. People wander in and out as their interests change and things they follow change -- I'm very much as guilty of that as anyone else.

      I have had a couple of short stories published, working on editing two novels for real/proper sending to publishers in the new year. Shall be fun. Crazy but fun :)