Friday, November 08, 2013

The madness. Day: After 7. Before 9. Hi?

Yesterday I managed 7.5K by 11:30 pm.  In the space between morning and afternoon I wrote and re-wrote over 3K of words four times. I wrote the last 2K while closing in on midnight, noted that I'd lost both character's voices but there were at least a few pieces of good dialogue to dig through.

Went to bed. Thought. At 1 AM I realized I'd been doing the whole story wrong. At 1:30 AM, I realized the main character shouldn't be in it until near the end. If at all. At 2 AM I got up for over an hour and wrote 1,300 words to start the story back far, far earlier than it had  begun. There is a piece of writing advice that one should begin as close to the end as possible. I began far too close to the end. No one had any reason to care about the other characters. So I'm pulling back. Altering. This may no longer even BE the story I planned to write twice before.

It will be a better one.


  1. ok I'm confused. Is this post about the magician? or your other idea?
    It's not start the story near the end but when a change occurs to the character or something forget the wording
    my current wip starts in the middle...

    1. The other one (sci-fi). The magician draft is done; I'm having -- well, kind of a war with the other story as to what it is going to be. I should have realized my initial take at it was going to fail when I redid the 3K several times but I am nothing if not stubborn about some things :)

      On the plus side, this version of the story has the characters voices down pat. They're real and solid in my head. Where it is going -- and if the 'main' character will actually be in it -- is an open question. ....