Monday, March 10, 2014

Story fun....

It is fun when a story shifts and mutates into a stable form. (You can tell I just finished rewriting a poem, can't you?)

The story has passed the 30K mark by a bit and is chugging along nicely, the relationship between Jonas and Qirjin becoming even more uncertain now that they aren't merely friends and the latter has dropped the bomb that his family are not normal people at all. And Jonas is the one left trying to understand this. If a family has kept itself secret for centuries, how have they done it? Surely not by letting every teenaged kid tell friends about himself. How did they stop people like Jonas from telling the world, assuming things went badly with Qirjin? He doesn't know. As far as he can tell, it's never even occurred to Qirjin to wonder about that.

And Qirjin is more than just a djinn. The other boy has a talent for doors. The earth 'knows his name' and in dreams Death won't claim him. In other words, what do you do if you end up being friends -- or even more than friends -- with a Chosen One whose family has gone to great lengths to make sure they don't know of their status? A lot of Chosen One stories exist: this one gets to explore what it is like to be the other person in the relationship, the one who is without power and gets to watch from the sidelines. It should prove to be a fun dynamic for the story to explore, though much of that will be left unresolved by the end I think. (Whatever Qirjin is for is definitely about something in the future, after all.) It also means there will be more dream-world sequences than planned, since Qirjin's family use the dream worlds for many things, some of which are control. And some parts of those worlds are beyond even their power ....

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