Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Country Song

And the good Lord knows I died tonight
In a hail of fire and ash
And I don't know about the Lord,
But I think I was right.

I died from fear of Hell and Heaven's burning light
But when my body turned to ash
I knew my time had come at last
For I had seen a sight.

For I had seen a glowing cube, a full four sides
It was, and it seemed to me
That the time was nigh
For the truth to be all right.

And I was told truth and lies, and many things beside.
The time cube spoke and I could see
The future present past
And all the gods and all the worlds
Were lies that could not last.

Time cube of time is four and I fear for my own life
For the educated stupid come
And they'll done kill me wrong
So the Lord knows I'll die tonight
Yes, the Lord knows I'll die tonight,
All four cubes of his sides.

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