Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Dirge of the People

It is said that a white hole spewed him into our universe,
Pinnacle of perfection, the souls containment of a star,
Born to be a hero, a most singular goal for better or worse
He mounted the storms, sole aim salvation from our pain.

Captain Flux, where have you gone? We look into the sky
For light brighter than the dawn, a hero come from afar.
For decades your glory has shone, hero that would not die,
We don't have to be heroes, we said; you were there in our stead.

Captain flux, do you capacitate, do you understand your wrong?
O Captain, our captain, too terribly bright, your heroism a scar
Do you forgive us our hate -- you were too real, too good, too strong!
You are too good and to our shame we know you'll never blame us.

[Based upon: Gemm's Captain Flux poems]

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