Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Truth

The universe is not a friendly place, my child.
It is not fair, nor a place your consciousness shapes
Like a dream: it is real, and Reality kills all.
We have no escape, no recourse, no way to hide:
There is no Enlightenment that we look for,
Insisting we can find it. There is only madness.

The stars do work; the astronomers understand
At least that one small bit of infinity. But they
Are not there for us, but for those who were
Before us and will again when we are dead and gone.
When the stars come right and the Old Ones
Walk the world once more, we will see
That all our religions and pretensions were just
Hiding from the universe, from the reality
That we are alone, unloved, unimportant.
We can only hold back the darkness,
We cannot defeat it, not forever. They will return.

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