Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quiet Destroyer 0.07

There always seems to be a flaw: massed files
riddled with abused children, lost loves,
wounds festering, faces scarred.
worst seem to hide their scars inside, and smile
too often. And these are allies, if not friends.

Perhaps an armchair musing, but no less true
for all of that. Perhaps a villain is just a person
whose flaws outnumber their strengths?
a hero would only be the other way around, or rise
above them. Thoughts come, full circle:

And what of me? And what am I, that I am here? Eh?
What then? My faith -- the world is too small for gods
I believe, a flaw that is strength. Only human.
that is all I am, whatever it aspires to. I challenge Flux,
bring fire - hope! - to the masses, seeing no flaw at all.

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