Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Eagle's Lament

They see me in the sky, flying so free, so terribly high
And they call me a hero and saviour and saint
But they never see the person inside me.

Sometimes I wish I could escape, fly high to escape my fate
People need heroes but all they've got is me
And I'm so scared because I've always cared

And the moment comes and is gone
So long, so much was lost
I feel I might faint, but I can't because
Heroism has it's own laws.

Once I failed you, and I pay the cost
An entire life undone.
Sometimes even heroes fail and crash
And burn and die alone.

I used to be someone, a hero not like everyone
The path of the hero was the one I had borne
But I made a mistake in a cruel twist of fate

Somehow I lived and they died, somehow I've never cried
People need heroes nor mortals who fail them
So they'll never knew how much it hurts me so.

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