Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I don't know who I am,
Stuck doing what I can
I wonder what I lost
Before this life began.

Wondering at the cost.
Wondering what I've lost.
Staring up at the sky
Thinking about Faust.

And again it's do or die:
No one to tell me why I try
I feel so lost but still I am
Stuck here without reply.


  1. I've figured it out.
    Love that is drought
    that makes me sad
    to be entirely without.

    I sit in my pad,
    wondering to make me glad,
    wondering what this love has become.
    I sit and wonder about shoulder pads.

    But still I feel so dumb,
    and everything looks glum.
    Tell me again what I lost
    when I ate that date plum.

    (See, see what this crap gets you?!
    More crap I say! =P)

  2. But you broke the meter
    Sundered it from feet
    to Feet, just like a
    Rotten little bleeter.

    The lie: 'I cannot get'
    Explains much, and let
    Such a thing be just a
    warning to not forget.