Saturday, August 19, 2006

Heart Break

Every time my heart breaks
I wonder when if it will again
Each time it heals but not as fast
And surely not as clean as when
It first broke so very long ago.

Each time is a brand new wound
For my heart to discover
Any every time I'm cured to find
That it's never calloused over
And I know it'll break again.

And I know it'll break again
I don't know if time if kind
Seems some pieces are always lost
When we leave that pain behind
I don't know if I'll heal again.

Even if it seems to me these wounds
All broke open long before
The loss is somehow always new
And I don't want it anymore

It'll never be the same it was
When it first broke long ago
I don't know if it'll heal again
So I'm leaving it scarred like so
And It'll never break again.
Yeah, It'll never break again.
Never break again,
Never again.
Break again.
Never again.

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