Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This, too, is untitled

Sometimes it seems a miracle to me
That there's still things left to be.
After so many roads and so many ways
Eating up tomorrows and yesterdays,
We still have something more to do
More than being just me and you.

Sometimes it seems a curse that we
Will life forever but can't be free
Sometimes I want to reach out and say
"Why can't you accept us anyway?"
Does drinking blood make you look askew
Or do we violate some other taboo?

Most nights it's just silence; you and me
Watching rocks eaten away by the sea
And somehow all we seem to have is today
And I wonder if you remember how to pray.
I said we should stand and make our debut
You say we'd just die the death long overdue.

I tell you that you're so very pretty, so lovely
This night and you always smile and agree.
But we both know that we'll some day stray
For something new, and something to betray.
Our smiles meet, so bright, so red, as if on cue
And we bow in silence, whispering our adieus.

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